DIACRITICAL MASS IS A boutique publishing house and fine purveyor of literary experiences. We cater to analog and digital readers alike, offering goods and services tailored to: the bookish and the brainy, the inventor and the architect, the erudite and the urbane, the scholar and the sage.

WE’RE MOTIVATED BY many things: cabinets of curiosities; strange and whimsical design; media and information (in stock or stream); films from old times, odd sensibilities, and exotic lands; science (of computers and of cosmos); stories told with wit and precision; hard work and worldly pleasures; and the architecture of space and time.

MOST OF ALL, WE ARE inspired simultaneously by a love for the printed book, the physicality of the sacred space, the lushness of the tactile image; and a burgeoning sense of unbridled excitement for the vast possibilities in digital creation and conveyance of information and literature.

di·a·crit·i·cal [dahy-uh-krit-i-kuhl]
  1. Serving to distinguish; distinctive.
  2. Capable of distinguishing.
  3. Phonetics. Serving as a diacritic.

crit·i·cal mass [krit-i-kuhl mas]
  1. Physics. The amount of a given fissionable material necessary to sustain a chain reaction at a constant rate.
  2. An amount necessary or sufficient to have a significant effect or to achieve a result: a critical mass of popular support.



Pre-reviews, anticipations, brief bursts of longing. Catalogues and catacombs of books unread.

Antilibraries is an online repository of the many books I yearn to one day read, and form my thinking even if their actual texts elude me forever

Read more and follow along here on Tumblr.


Where rocks are mined from consciousness, latent histories uncovered, embedded mysteries excavated. Where we explore infinite worlds, myriad lives, histories and details. Where bent dimensions, crags and colors, describe hidden realms and inscribe more stories than we can see.

Petrographicus is a series of prose poems based on Cape Cod beach rocks collected, scanned, and pondered to the depths of their solidity.

Read more and follow along here on Tumblr.

Awww Berries!

Our first title, "Awww Berries!", is an ABC book for all ages. Combining witty rhyming couplets with beautiful hand-drawn ink and watercolor illustrations, it celebrates a vast, facinating, previously uncharted world of strawberries.

"Awww Berries!" is currently for sale as a digital download below (price: pay-what-you-want beyond a $5 minimum) with 50% of total proceeds donated to The Red Cross. Paperback copies of the book are available via Amazon.

The Magaz

"The Magaz" is an email-native micro-zine: a tiny magazine sent occasionally to your inbox, containing 3 pieces of finely crafted art and writing. Each issue will center on a different theme; examples range from journalism to play, mystery to heroics.

We published our first issue, with the theme "Beginnings", in late 2013. Issue Two will be arriving…well, any day now! The project is no longer a priority, but we may yet surprise you. To sign up for the list, please fill out the form to the right.


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We offer selective consulting services focused on digital multimedia publication and the production and distribution of innovative products with a creative and literary bent.

If you'd like to discuss how we can help you with conception, execution, or dissemination of such a project, or have an idea for collaboration, please get in touch.


Write to us at info [at] diacriticalmass [dot] com